• We ask all SCCA members to CPR all fish 20 lbs and above. We encourage you to see the Tip and Tackle page for more information on conservation.

Solunar Forecast Calendar

The most important columns are the MAJOR and MINOR columns. These represent the forecasted Major and Minor feeding times of fish.

These are broken down into A.M. and P.M. for easy reference.

There are two factors that have the most influence on the success of Solunar times.

The first and most important is weather.  Weather plays an important role in all the activity of animals. It has been shown that a significant change in barometric pressure within 12-24 hours of your fishing experience can vastly change the outcome. Fish have been known to go deep if a cold front is getting ready to pass or has just passed through the area.

The second is location. Putting a line in the water at the in the middle of a major solunar time and expecting fish to bite when there are no fish around is not reasonable. 
You need to know where fish generally feed and stay. 

At the same time, if a catfish sees your nicely presented bait, most likely it will not ignore it because its not "Lunch Time" yet.